EAS Solutions

EAS Antenna

AM EAS systems are specifically designed to offer wide aisles, stylish and aesthetically pleasing appearance, superb tag detection and the lowest possible false alarm rate because of the patented noise cancellation technology.

AM System
Floor Guard

An invisible system is visibly better! Floor guard is a revolutionary floor-based EAS system designed for complete invisibility and robust performance. The antennas are buried into the sub-floor and multiple units can be installed end to end, ensuring maximum detection range and making it ideal for stores with wide exits. Its ultra compact design allows for installations at multiple story businesses. Floor guard features an integrated sealed antenna structure, thus eliminating the need for extra antennas around the perimeter, making it a truly 100% invisible system.

  • Optimal detection range
  • Patented noise cancellation technology
  • Alarm volume control
  • Optional External Alarm with audio

Picture Courtesy-Dunhill at Outlet Village Mall, Dubai

Keepers and Spiderwraps
  • Security of locked cabinets with the benefits of open merchandising
  • Reusable and easy to use
  • Excellent viewing of package and product
  • information - bar code readable
  • Strong visual deterrent

Spider Wrap offers improved security and ease of use. Stronger internal clutch mechanism enables the cables to be cinched much tighter, providing increased security for your boxed merchandise especially heavy merchandise.

  • Two - stage locking clip provides a secure fit
  • 7-strand aircraft grade cable for tough protection
  • Flashing LED and speaker grill provides a strong visual deterrent
  • Long lasting lithium battery
  • Amplified 95 Dba alarm
  • Reusable and easy to use
  • Allows maximum viewing of product graphics

We offer varieties of tags to meet different requirements like alarm tag, lanyard tag, soft label, bottle tag, ink tag, optical tag, pencil tag etc...